An Ibizan Style Country Home In Spain’s Sunny Province Of Alicante

Spanish firm Carles Faus Arquitectura has designed the ‘Carmen House’, a detached holiday home with an all-white facade in the architectural style that is typical of Ibizan country homes.

The property is located in Dénia, a historical coastal city in the province of Alicante; considered to be one of the most culturally rich and visually arresting cities in Spain. The house’s rectilinear form features a white exterior and was designed to follow the path of light throughout the day, to make the most of the Mediterranean sun. Indoors, the residence also features white surfaces and is minimally furnished with wooden interiors. Both indoor and outdoor areas are peppered with cacti, and an expansive sliding glass door opens out completely to a terrace overlooking a private pool. “The project base could be translated as a large white canvas”, explain the architects. “White [is] the main subject. This has been the premise that we have followed from beginning to end: white as a generator and driver of light.” In Spain, many homes are called ‘Carmen’, a term that has come to mean a rustic house, one that is both leisurely and practical.

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