An Idaho Desert Outpost By Olson Kundig

Located in the desert of Idaho, the Outpost house was designed by Seattle-based architects Olson Kundig as a living and working space for an artist.

In order for Outpost to withstand the harsh, windy weather conditions of its remote desert location, lead architect Tom Kundig designed the house as a compact concrete structure of modest size. Not only does this limit the impact on the natural environment, it also reinforces the desire to be outside. From the interior, the surroundings are welcomed through large 360-degree-view window panels, arranged into cross shapes and stacked block forms in each facade. The architects have integrated materials of natural clay plaster, recycled wood for the flooring, Carrara marble for kitchen surfaces and plywood, characterising the residence as “hard on the outside and soft on the inside.” The exterior space includes a “paradise garden”–a defined area created by thick masonry walls, protecting a sculpture garden from the extreme weather. Presenting a place to call home that is immersed in a dialogue with the surroundings, Outpost actualises Kundig’s statement that “the architect’s job is to create an experience of place.”

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