An Impressive Use Of Space By Toob Studios

For their latest residential project, Vietnamese architecture firm Toob Studios has impressively demonstrated that it’s not about how much space we are given in life, it’s what we do with it that counts. The ‘5 x 12 House’ is located in Trâu Quỳ, just outside of the bustling capital of Hanoi.

With confined but not unusual dimensions for Trâu Quỳ of five by twelve meters, designing a spacious, functioning home with such limited width and depth means that the house’s structure is developed mostly in its height. The 100 square meter project is three-storeys high, with a strong emphasis on ‘buffer zones’: the communal spaces between adjacent rooms that join together cohesively. An example of this is the white netted area that doubles as both a roof over the living area and a playful floor on the second level. Binding together different rooms with open areas brings natural light and allows family members an avenue for further connection. This is an important aspect of Vietnamese culture, and as such, the house itself reflects the interdependency of the family unit on a broader level. Of the minimally furnished final production, Toob Studios explains: “the combination of materials, light, and air swirls themselves have [created] a fresh and comfortable feeling for users without any decorations“.

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