Anni Leppälä Captures The Invisible

“I am searching for equivalents to the inner experience from the visible reality,” says Anni Leppälä, Finnish photographer whose works are filled with associations, interpretations and convey the viewer’s own experience.

“I am interested in how the images connect with each other.”
Interested in how an image emerges from the visible and how it transforms its subjects in that process, Leppälä creates non-linear narratives that can proceed to various directions. Her works are usually made in an ongoing process, in which the photographer constantly adds new pieces and connects them with the already existing works. “I am interested in how the images connect with each other and how those different connections bring up new associations and thoughts,” Leppälä says. Simultaneously showing the subject and hiding it, the artist references to the inner experience, searching for the ‘invisible’ aspect of an image. She adds: “What can be recognised and found through the material visible surface. I try to approach those recognisable elements and experiences through my images.”

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