Arnaud Apartment By Batiik Studio

Completed in October 2016 by French firm Batiik Studio, the Arnaud Apartment is a tiny studio dwelling designed for a young bachelor. With a budget of 32,000 euros, the apartment is located in Saint-Denis, Paris, and is a renovation of a dilapidated flat with a tiny area of 32 square meters. Rebecca Benichou, the founder of Batiik Studio, has an unerring eye for shapes, transforming spaces into wonderful and classy premises. Each of the smallest corners of the Arnaud Apartment is arranged with taste and intuition, blending perfectly with the roughness of the unplastered walls. For optimal utilisation of the existing space, Batiik Studio created a genius bedroom solution with an integrated closet and bathroom.
The agency’s priority is to understand and implement every special desire of its customers, paying great attention to the uses of everyday life, to lifestyles and to the lives of future users and inhabitants.

All images © Bertrand Fompeyrine

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