Arquitectura-G Designs An Acne Studios Outpost In A Former Bank In Stockholm

“The former bank suffered a robbery in which hostages were taken, leading to the term Stockholm syndrome,” explains the firm of the world-famous 1973 Norrmalmstorg robbery. “After the bank closed, several interventions added a series of layers over the years, masking the original neoclassic architecture.” Arquitectura-G’s redesign transforms the space, cleaning it up and leaving only the essential features. Its archeological atmosphere is given through real and imitation marble, with colonnades that connect three separate rooms. “Although the floors were made of real marble, many elements were faux marble, and the project plays with this duality,” they continue. Surfaces are rendered in monochrome colors within the shades of the original Ekeberg marble. Other features include marble furniture by British designer Max Lamb, and technical, sharp lighting designed by Benoit Lalloz.

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