Artist ‘Vandalizes’ The Streets With His Fun And Unique Pixel Art

It is sad to see that youthfulness and playfulness often disappear when you grow up. Every thing gets variety of bland. We quit having fun with the very little factors in life.

But what if these uncomplicated items ended up a small bit more playful and exciting themselves? Let’s just take the streets, for illustration. We walk via them just about every single working day and they’re typically very meh. But what if they had concealed Easter eggs that would make your working day a minimal brighter?

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That’s what Johan Karlgen has in brain when he generates his avenue artwork. The Swedish artist generates pixelated artwork items that make bland spots significantly extra appealing. They practically usually interact with their setting and even although they are not practical, they blend in really well. His themes ordinarily assortment from movie game titles to films to other pop-lifestyle references. Johan went viral on Reddit not too long ago mainly because of his transformed concrete barriers in a parking ton. He made them into a Toblerone chocolate bar.

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