Arturo Bamboo Take Us Away From It All

From the ocean of Panarea to the shores of Formentera and the rocky landscape of Hydra — Arturo Bamboo take us on a sun-soaked photographic journey through the Mediterranean in their self-published book.

Berlin-based art and life couple, Arthur Groeneveld and Bamboo van Kampen, show an intimate side of their relationship through a series of snapshots, portraits, and landscapes from their Mediterranean travels. They explain, “For us, it is very personal — we’ve tried to create a photo book which serves as an escape for us, but also for the viewer.” The natural beauty of the Panarea, Formentera, and Hydra is undeniable. The series, the pair continues, “should take your mind to a place you haven’t physically been but still be able to feel it, smell it, be there in your mind. We try to transmit that feeling through this collection of memories, whether it’s through natural beauty or intimacy. Although the world is changing so fast, life under the sun is still about simple pleasures and hasn’t changed much over the past decades.”

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