AUW Designs A Woolen Pavilion In Western Hungary

In western Hungary, Budapest-based firm Architecture Uncomfortable Workshop (AUW) has designed ‘The Wool House’, a single person pavilion designed to offer space for people to engage in “therapy sessions” with themselves.

Designed as a part of the annual architectural festival Hello Wood, the woolen pavilion acted as a retreat away from the crowds for the duration of the festival. Measuring just 2.5 square meters, the temporary structure was constructed from light timber and thick bundles of wool, making it insulated from noise and cozy inside. Inside there is an inbuilt stool and just enough space for one person to lie down. The pavilion is lit by a small opening between the stepped tin roof and the wood and wool structure.

All images © Simon Platter, Balazy Glodi, and Tamas Bujnovsky for AUW

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