BAAQ’s Casa Naila Is A Beachfront Gem On The Coast Of Oaxaca In Mexico

Borrowing elements from Modernist architecture, the wood and concrete home is arranged around a cross-shaped patio with terraces, gardens, and a swimming pool; it is designed to be used as an outdoor room in sync with its beach surroundings. The design and material palette are emblematic of the home’s location: all of the wood used for the project was locally sourced from around the Oaxacan coast. Contemporary in form, each of the volumes consists of isolated buildings with different heights and sloping roofs, which are an ode to the rugged topography of the beach.

Existing somewhere between an eco-retreat and a residential property, the house was designed with the local surfing lifestyle in mind and was built with the aim of having the least amount of impact on the ground as possible. “Named for the traditional song of the Oaxacan coast, Casa Naila seeks to pay tribute to Oaxaca in all its aspects,” explains a statement from the firm, “from the choice of materials and construction systems to its customs and the experience of the spaces.”

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