BassamFellows Transform An Abandoned Building Into A Gallery Space For Their Bespoke Pieces

BassamFellows, created by Australian architect Craig Bassam and American creative director Scott Fellows, is a luxury lifestyle brand known for their contemporary hand-crafted furniture pieces. The company bought, restored and repurposed the building in Ridgefield, which was originally designed by architect Philip Johnson to be a research center for scientists in the 1950s. The single storey building is constructed from steel, glass, and bricks; its rectangular plan consisting of offices organized around a central landscaped courtyard. The building’s gray color palette is offset by an abundance of natural light: a skylight-covered corridor and floor to ceiling glass windows provides light circulation throughout the space, an important element for the designer’s ideas to flourish. The project took eight years to complete—and as the building was abandoned for more than 10 years, the restoration work was extensive. A pared-back and modern space replaces its predecessor, providing an interior that is in line with BassamFellows’ contemporary ways of working.

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