Behind A Glass By Umberto Verdoliva

Italian street photographer Umberto Verdoliva has a great passion for capturing street life with his camera.

Characterized by angles and geometries, his style can be best described as elegant, sensitive, and ironic. Umberto’s intention is to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary, to highlight the poetry and the simple feeling of human endeavour. All his photographs are made on film and are double exposed, so preparation and careful research in the street play a key part. Always roving around the city looking for connections between things, people, feelings, the photographer sees everything like a dream. By merging, mixing and matching elements far and wide, the photographer wants to create new realities. The subjects that he chooses are never visible at first glance and will probably remain for a short while. Many pictures of Umbertos’s series titled ‘Behind A Glass’ show people through a visual layering formed by obstacles in the contact between our eye and the subject, always in transit in the city made of lights, reflections, fog and mirrors.

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