Blueside Design Elevates Everyday Rituals With Minimalist Glass Coffee Maker Set

Handcrafted by skilled artisans in Italy, the range is pleasingly simple and minimalist, characterized by organic shapes and clean lines. Intended to transform coffee making into a thoughtful, almost meditative process, the collection includes a glass kettle for stove use and a glass drip coffee maker. The former is a refined take on the classic kettle silhouette; the latter features an innovative cylinder system that does not require filters. Also included in the range are a convenient glass powder measuring tool for powder coffee as well as an elegant decanter to be used to make filter coffee. Each ‘Phil’ product is made of an extra-clear, 100% borosilicate glass build, which guarantees robustness and thermal shock resistance. The objects are entirely recyclable, sustainably produced, and made on demand to minimize waste.

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