Camilla Ferrari’s Street Photography

Since the age of fourteen, Camilla has always been a self-taught photographer until she decided to attend the Humanistic Communication Studies course at Università degli Studi of Milan. Whether she captures the Medina of Marrakech, the streets of Paris or the Icelandic countryside, she always combines her desires to dive into the unknown and to document the sights and sensations revealed. Camilla’s intention is to give everything she sees a meaning, with the result that every cloud, every mountain, every tree and even a river can tell a story. During her journeys she loves to observe people on the streets, waiting for hours to take the perfect shot. “To search for the shadows of the day and the lights of the night”, Camilla says. Through her photography, she tries to achieve the atmosphere instead of the events themselves. Fascinated by the rhythm of the world, Camilla aims to discover the message behind the scenes by bringing them to life.

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