Casa L4 Features A Rooftop Pool With Ocean Views


In Costa Esmerelda, a holiday area overlooking the South Atlantic Ocean in Argentina, architect Luciano Kruk and his partner Ekaterina Künzel designed ‘Casa L4’—a concrete home set amongst a grove of maritime pines.

The board marked concrete structure was designed with the environment in mind, constructed with materials that would endure the coastal climate whilst fitting aesthetically with the landscape. Situated just 200 meters from the ocean, the inhabitants of ‘Casa L4’ still enjoy relative privacy, their windows screened from beach-goers by a thicket of pine trees. The architects explain: “We agreed that the trees and the terrain’s particular topography were jewels that the architecture should respect,” and so, they planned around them. “We wanted the house to lie amid the woods, surrounded by the place’s imminent atmosphere.”

The home makes optimal use of the location and the view, its full glass frontage offering views to the sea through the pines. Inside, the concrete walls have been left unadorned, and the property has been furnished minimally. The heart of the building is an open plan living area, and the bedrooms—each with adjoining bathroom—sit at the four corners of the building. Light floods the space from the large windows at the front of the house, and the skylight which runs parallel to the staircase that leads to the rooftop. Here, a spectacular swimming pool completes the home—set above the landscape, it offers views across the pine trees and to the ocean beyond.


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