Casa Roel By Felipe Assadi And Francisca Pulido

Located in a prestigious, high-density district in Mexico City, the concrete home follows a continuously adjoining typology, arranged in an “H” scheme of two parallel pavilions and a third one that connects them.

Called Casa Roel, the family dwelling was designed by Chilean architects Felipe Assadi and Francisca Pulido in collaboration with Mexican architect Isaac Broid. The residence is designed for a couple with two children and is elevated about the sloped site with plants growing underneath the structure. The street-facing volume is fronted by a wooden lattice with a hexagonal pattern, supporting to mitigate heat gain and ensure privacy. In the main floor the residents can dwell in several rooms, while two lower levels house a photography studio, service equipment and parking spots. Oriented toward the southwest, the interior is fulfilled with natural light. Glazing and retractable walls provide a strong connection to the outdoors. On the roof, the architects placed a narrow swimming pool, a play zone and a barbecue area, offering a wonderful view toward the green canyon in front of the house.

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