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Detroit-based designer Chris Schanck’s ‘Unhomely’ exhibition at Friedman Benda, New York is a culmination of his years spent working on his ‘Alufoil’ technique — an intricate process of layering confectionery foil over his furniture.

Sculpting his pieces out of wood and industrial foam, Schanck then coats his objects in resin, ready for him to adhere the final layer of confectionery foil to them. Small pieces of foil are attached with special tools, including bristled brushes and polishers. It’s a time consuming, labor intensive process, but it’s one that Schanck’s army of dedicated workers have perfected over the years. He first developed the unique practice while studying at Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. Post graduate degree, he went on to deploy the Alufoil technique at prestigious fashion houses such as Tom Ford and Dior: a bench made of aluminum foil and recycled foam was created for the freshly renovated Dior store in Manhasset, while a bespoke desk and chair was tailored for the Tom Ford flagship on Madison Avenue.

Speaking of the process, Schanck comments that “each piece is first conceived as a sculpture, then I work out how it can be engaged as a design object.” The solo show, which is on show from March 1st until the 14th April at Friedman Benda in New York showcases 15 pieces that blur the lines between furniture design and art. A hot pink armchair, gold table topped with a dreamy marble top and a mirror that oozes sickly pink decoration are all standout pieces from this otherworldly collection.

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