Content-Aware By Jillian Freyer

Born and raised in Southeastern Connecticut, photographer Jillian Freyer stays in and around New England working across genres focusing on photographic narratives.

Her pictures recall that juxtaposition of the childish anxiety of finding yourself lost in woods, but at the same feeling secure without hearing sounds aside from the breath coming out of your chest and the whispers of the trees. This is when we remember those very first years of our life where we instinctively understand nature. Jillian explains that she can feel the things and hear her images, more that she can see them. It doesn’t matter if it’s the portrait of a man in the middle of a natural landscape or if it’s a close-up of a frozen lake. Without thinking, she feels that the story belongs her. While capturing people and environments from a certain perspective, time and place seem to become indistinct. Jillian’s intention is to make her photographs palpable, reliving the images through one’s own understanding and experience.

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