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Australian architect Marshall Blecher and Danish designer Magnus Maarbjerg have joined forces in the creation of their latest project: a man-made wooden island, complete with a linden tree, that is currently floating in Copenhagen’s harbor.

The 20-square-meter platform is a handmade prototype for a larger project called Copenhagen Islands, a series of experimental floating public spaces in the Copenhagen harbor aimed at democratizing the water. CPH-01, as the first platform is known, is a “small island” with “big ideas”. Conceived as a metaphor for a desert island, the Copenhagen Islands team explain that it “represents the first taste of a completely new type of public space coming to Copenhagen. Moveable, floating, public spaces free for people to explore and conquer.” The island will float around the harbor for the next year, free for anyone to use who stumbles (or drifts) upon it. Once further iterations of the Copenhagen Islands are brought to life, they will join CPH-01 on the water, “During winter and for special events or festivals, the islands can be brought together, creating a cluster more easily accessed from the harborside” the team explains. Beyond these platforms, there will also be a floating sauna, floating gardens, floating mussel farms and a floating sail-through cafe: all free to the public.

Images © Christian Emdal and Airflix

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