Dad Chooses To Have Fun Photographing His Little Twins Instead Of Letting Parenting Mess Stress Him Out

When you’re a parent, your kids become your whole life, so it’s absolutely no surprise when kids become the main subjects of their artist parents. That is exactly what happened to the photographer Guy Vainer, who made his toddler twins the stars of many of his photographs.

The proud parent and photographer, with the help of photo manipulation and clever set-ups,  put his kids’ faces on movie and band posters, turned them into knights and circus artists, and even made a creative homage to some famous works of art. “This project started with just one picture and now it has a life of its own,” claims the artist, who takes his kids on “a roller coaster of impossible scenarios” whenever he can.

Scroll down to see the results of this fun project.

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#1 My Twins Are Planning To Take Over The World!!!

#2 A Replica Of The Sistine Chapel

#3 This Is Sparta!!!!

#4 When Mom And Dad Throw You Too High

#5 Dog Fight

#6 Mom And Dad Made A Bet Who Will Be The Fastest

#7 We Couldn’t Find A Baby Sitter So We Took Them With Us

#8 An Ordinary Diaper Change

#9 Having 2 Identical Twins Is Hard! So We Found A Way To Identify Them!

#10 It Was A Hot Day And The Air Conditioner Did Not Work

#11 Circus Training

#12 Body Building With The Twins

#13 Mommy, Why So Sirius

#14 A Normal Family Picture

#15 Watermelons!!!

#16 When Mom Is Lazy She Can Get Help From The Family Dogs

#17 Queen!! Or Vainer In This Case

#18 I Showed Them The Movie “The Wolf Of Wall Street”, The Next Day I Found Them Like This

#19 When Mom Or Dad Try To Catch A Nap

#20 When The Kids Get Wet And You Have To Dry Them

#21 This Is Not Comfort, We Want The Diaper Back

#22 Ordering The Lift

#23 The Only Way To Keep The Animals Safe Is In A Cage

#24 How Really Parenting Feels

#25 Mortal Kombat – Finish Him!!!!

#26 They Have Been Arrested For Terrorizing 2 Innocent Parents

#27 Check Mate!!

#28 Teaching The Boys How To Shave

#29 We Are Taking The Pictures Now

#30 Do Not Worry We Will Handle This

#31 We Shall Fight In Land…. We Shall Fight In The Sea… We Shall Never Surrender

#32 Only 1 Year Old And Already Started A Gang

#33 Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here

#34 I Came In Like A Wrecking Ball!

#35 Bbq With My Boys

#36 Poker Night

#37 This Is Your Last Chance! Where Is The Pacifier????

#38 I Just Wanted To Drink Cold Beer…

#39 The Kids Are Already Taking The Car For A Ride

#40 When I Make An Omlet In The Morning, I Have 2 Little Helpers…

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