Daniel Müller Photographs Switzerland In Summer

Escaping the airless concrete streets of Berlin, German photographer Daniel Müller traveled across Switzerland last month to experience a different kind of summer holiday. It was a trip defined by the shifting landscape of the country—in Switzerland, alpine air and honeyed sun can both be found within a few short hours of one another.

Switzerland borders on four countries, has four national languages and a landscape that ranges from snow-capped mountains and glacial lakes to Mediterranean palm-fringed towns. Visiting for two weeks during July, Müller and his partner spent time experiencing the multidimensional nature of this country in all of its sun-soaked glory. The pair spent their early days in a quiet town near the German border, swimming in the crystal waters of the Rhine and skateboarding through its empty summer streets. Adventure knocked, and they went hiking through the mountains, past the famous lakes of Pizol, through a mountain pass, and later, to see Aletsch—the largest glacier in Europe. “It’s quite impressive to see and experience all these different cultures and landscapes in such a relatively small space,” Müller explains of his trip. “You never know how the landscape will change after you come out of a seemingly endless tunnel or drive over one of the countless beautiful high mountain passes.”

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