Discovering Secret Beaches With Ana Topoleanu

Born in Romania, the self taught photographer Ana Topoleanu relocated to Mexico six years ago and has been pursuing her love for shooting analog photographs in the exotic setting of South America ever since.

One warm winter she decided to leave the city and visit her friend Priscila on her land hidden in the tropical forest on the coast of Cabo Corrientes. Capturing the beauty of nature she focuses on the relationship between her friends and the wilderness, resulting in beautiful images which take us back to the roots…

“We never left this place except for taking a shower and buying natural water and fruits.”“One day we decided to find a secret beach, one that was only for us. We got together in a busy intersection and started driving without really knowing where the road took us. The villages started to be smaller, the vilas became farms with horses and cows, the nature started to eat up from the highway. And then the road was barely visible because of the crazy palm trees throwing their huge leaves over it. We got down the car, we walked through some tangled forest and got to this rocky beach with black sand. We never left this place except for taking a shower and buying natural water and fruits. We spent all day naked playing like children, bathing by day and watching the fire by night.”

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Written by Peter Thompson


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