Dynamic Pixelated Sculptures By Natalie Christensen

Based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, photographer Natalie Christensen worked more than 25 years as a psychotherapist, which informed her minimalist and contemporary work.

Influenced by Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, her pictures are characterized by the use of shadows and dream symbols as favoured subjects. Christensen always looks for psychological metaphors in commonplace architecture and streetscapes, searching for new themes in shopping centers, apartment complexes, and office parks. By dismantling these scenes to color fields, geometry and shadow, the photographer sees the metaphorical hiding in plain sight. The places are outside the carefully cultivated ideal of this city, the locations may even be viewed as ugly or plain at first glance. During her work as a psychotherapist, Christensen found that people often didn’t see their own value, instead of only focusing on their deficits. Her photography is an extension of that work.

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