Ebinum Brothers, The Nigerian Performer Duo Dancing Towards Belonging

For Victory and Marvel, dancing is a feeling; it is a movement that follows the mind and forms naturally. It is a way of eliciting the non-verbal articulation of the aspects of their identity and struggles. Shifting from abrupt to slow and emotional, their choreographies are intricate and impactful—the brothers move both in opposition and in tandem as they drop, raise, struggle, fall, and catch each other again. Merging with the space around them as they dance, they shape their bodies anew, to explore themes of love, racism, mental health, and belonging, with the purpose of inspiring and changing minds.The brothers document their passionate and profound performances on YouTube. Amongst their recent works, three stand out for their distinctive message of connection and togetherness: ‘Hold On to Me’, ‘A Reason to Live’, and ‘VOICE’, a short film about race and belonging, division and connection, alienation and kinship.

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