EMA Designs A Home Around A Tree In Mexico

In Sierra de Mazamitla, a small town south of Guadalajara in Mexico, it is said that the air smells like permanently like pine because of the densely forested surrounds. Here, local firm EMA has designed a building that fits with local vernacular architecturally and naturally—a home built around a mature pine tree.

Constructed on a narrow parcel of land on a steep slope, this home has been built from stone and wood with a gabled roof in a style not dissimilar to that of traditional homes in the area. Its entrance is closed to the road with no windows, providing privacy for the inhabitants whilst presenting a strong facade. The solid wooden front door measures two by three meters and takes you from the road into the very void that surrounds the tree. This mature pine stands at the center of the building, neatly dividing it into two areas—the east houses the main bedroom, with bathroom and dressing room, and the west, the communal areas and further bedrooms. Inside the space opens outwards, and a cantilevered terrace offers views to the mountains beyond.

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