Embodying Emotions Through Photography: In Conversation with Marcus Schaefer

The photographer finds it liberating to create one’s own version of reality instead of being held to the reality of what is actually in front of the lens: “I tend to not shoot the exact likeness of something, but capture my personal interpretation of what’s in front of my camera. It’s more about creating a specific atmosphere or feeling, rather than the static reproduction of reality.” His images extend the reality of their subjects while telling us something about how the photographer relates to the world. In this, he gives the viewers the ability to possess fragments of his own reality. “I love taking the audience on a journey through my mind and visual world; creating imagery that canalizes my energy of dreams and ideas, rather than capturing the exact likeness of life as we know and experience it every single day,” he continues.

What distinguishes Schaefer’s work is not only the virtuosity with which he showcases contrasts, but the fact that he produces imagery that is in direct dialog with one’s own emotional sphere. Not only does he imprint his artistic personality onto the photos, but he wants his images to embody the emotions that created them. “Both my drawings and photographs depict an emotional communication with the audience—the individual perception is never really identical and that’s what I love about it,” he concludes.

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