Eros Torso, The Artful Collection Of Water Bottles Turned Into Vases

The series of one-off vases explores the poetic sentiment derived from something as commonplace as single-use plastic containers, which are repurposed and shaped in the distinctive form known to Sundquist and Nystrup-Larsen. With their bending, curved nature, the vases are all unique in shape; no two pieces are the same. When cast in the late afternoon sunshine, the vases fill with reflective light and create a transparent prism that allows the flowers to exist with visual eminence. ‘Eros Torso’ highlights the intersection of art and design, proving that human creativity is alive and well. The duo is responsible for the cement vase collection on display at the recently refurbished Noma restaurant, which you can read about here. Furthermore, Heger Knudsen recently published a photo book titled ‘Ball’: an exploration of football as a culture, and the game’s ability to eclipse difference. Read about it here.

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