Eva Abeling Invites Us To Step Into A World Of Introspection And Wonder

Where are you based, and what creative endeavours are you pursuing?

I’m originally from Bremen, a city in the Northeast of Germany. However, I moved away at a young age and have since lived and created mostly in Spain. In recent years, my photographs have been exhibited in New York, London, and Barcelona, and my work has been published in various magazines worldwide. I’m currently working with brands in the United States, Australia, and across Europe. I have also created safe spaces in the form of classes and workshops where clients can share, connect, and create dream-like images using analog photography.

What drew you to photography? What do you love about it?

I have always been fascinated by the art of storytelling. I find endless inspiration in the various ways to tell a story: through different languages, sounds, and symbols. After studying lyrics and poetry, I became increasingly intrigued by the idea of telling a story in silence. Instead of showing feelings through rhythm, I started expressing them through colours, light, and textures. Translating emotions with shapes and lines. Expressing pain through softness. Writing with light.

When deciding what stories to tell, what pops into your mind? How are these decisions made?

My stories are always about something I don’t fully understand and probably never will. They revolve around moments, feelings, tears, the sea, our hearts, and love. They explore fears I haven’t accepted or desires I can’t stop thinking about.

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