Evolution And Experimentaiton With Sigve Knutson

Based between Oslo and Eindhoven, Norwegian designer Sigve Knutson has an experimental practice that seems defined by a sense of play and a desire for evolution.

Drawing from a concept-driven education at the Design Academy Eindhoven, Knutson works via a process of intuition. He explains, “I feel a need to simplify my ways of working, stripping it down to its bare essentials. I want to show that working as a designer is not something fixed. Designers should reinvent themselves.” Seemingly unbound to a singular style or medium, Knutson’s work spans ceramics, metalwork, and lighting — always remaining part-art and part-object. Knutson explains that his practice is “motivated by a drawing mentality and a fascination for the intuitive and playful rather than the smooth and planned.” This sketch-like quality is present in the shapes that his pieces take, organic forms and friendly curves characterize much of his work.

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