Experimental Collage Art By Fitacola

Fitacola is the retro collage art and illustration project created in 2005 by Portuguese partners in art and life, Graça and Carlos Quitério.

Based in Caldas da Rainha in Western central Portugal, Fitacola translates to ‘adhesive tape’ in Portuguese. The duo makes original creative artworks—from illustrations and paper cuttings to digital and animated collage projects. This includes handmade album artworks for musicians, as well as silkscreen prints, calendars, food advertisements and packaging, book covers and festival posters. They find vibrant images randomly, be it through old magazines at weekend flea markets or second-hand bookstores, and layer and tape the torn pieces of images together with miscellaneous scraps of donated colored paper, creating new art in the process. “We love playing with all the resources and information [to] make some sort of aesthetic sense out of these random pieces of paper”, explain the pair.

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