Exploration And Abstraction Through The Lens Of Flora Maclean

That Flora Maclean’s creative career began in fashion design is unsurprising: the London-based photographer’s exploration of the human form feels delicately tailored and expertly colored.

Characterized by clean lines and close crops, Maclean’s photography artfully transforms the human body. Her subjects are often anonymous, their faces hidden or excluded from her frame, their physical form abstracted through the elimination of context. This deliberate framing and sharp composition tempers the sense of intimacy offered by the exposed limbs and bared breasts that fill Maclean’s oeuvre. Shot in bold primary colors, her work — which spans portraiture, documentary, and still life — has a certain graphic sensibility.

Maclean’s photographic work first gained notice with the series ‘Every Player Counts’, in which she documented her favorite sport and the women who play it. Since then, she has worked on projects dedicated to the survivors of domestic abuse with Refinery29 and Women’s Aid and continues to photograph the underrepresented and the stereotyped in her documentary work.


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