Family Matter By Agnieszka Chabros

As a non-believer and activist, Melbourne-based fine art photographer Agnieszka Chabros focuses on fashion photography, taking her inspiration from the natural environment, especially plants. Fascinated by common objects placed out of context, her photographic style is influenced by sculptural and semi-surrealist practices.

In her series titled ‘Family matter’, the Wroclaw-born photographer captures habitual moments within the domestic sphere. The subjects of this body of work are herself, family members, and house pets, documenting the strange in the commonplace. Her photographs show a pink comb entangled in the hair, a pet having its meal, and the trimming of one’s beard. When photographed with stark lighting and from unlikely perspectives, these pictures are taking on new visual translations. This effect of spontaneously created photographs let domestic occurrences appear distorted and unfamiliar. Her almost snapshot-like pictures pull each of the subjects out of their existing contexts, allowing the beholder to reinterpret these depicted actions within her home.

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