Foam And Fictive Space From Andy And Dave

Utilising stacked foam, plastic laminate and their usual tongue-in-cheek attitude, New York studio Andy and Dave have created the ultimate pseudo-dining setting.

Domestic Appeal: Fictive Kin’ is an exuberant collection of furniture designed to create a fake urban space. They explain, “High back chairs always reach beyond what is ergonomically prudent. Like the irrationally expressive skyscrapers of a contemporary city, their height and personality give definition to a space within a large space. And the relationships between them can create an imaginary context for a person to temporarily inhabit.” With an aesthetic drawn from the digital realm, the fluorescent foam pieces are sophisticated, but not stuffy — which is what the design world has come to expect from this studio. Andy and Dave’s work typically explores the intersection between mediums of communication; with a focus particularly on contemporary life, media and urbanism.

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