For Women Who Smoke Weed, By Women Who Smoke Weed

Broccoli is a beautiful — albeit slightly strange — print publication that celebrates weed. Launched this month, it has been billed as a “magazine created by and for women who love cannabis,” it will publish three times a year and is available free of charge.

Initiated by former Kinfolk employees in Portland, the content of Broccoli might seem initially a far cry from the stream-lined slow living style of their ex-employer. And whilst its pages are definitely more colorful and eclectic than those of Kinfolk, on closer inspection, it’s revolution lies in its assertion that women — high achieving, social, creative women — like smoking weed. Issue 01 covers topics as wide-ranging as a Pop Artist nun, the art of traditional candle making and psychedelic insects. The connections between the magazine’s content and weed aren’t always obvious — and it is this subtlety coupled with their art direction (see the flower arrangements, laughingly labeled as ‘Sticky-Icky-Bana’ by Brocolli on their Instagram) that make this magazine stand out.

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