Free As A Bird: Tropical Space Designs A Chicken’s House

Tasked with providing an elderly couple with a playground for both their grandchildren and their pet birds, Vietnamese practice Tropical Space created a giant steel-wired chicken coop named ‘Chicken’s House’ in My Hanh Nam.

Made from steel, steel grid and a roofing material called cemboard, the 20-meter square structure features vertical climbing frames and ladders, different levels and boxed platforms. These platforms also act as canopies and provide shelter from direct sunlight, which can be intense for animals in this humid location. On the ground level, tiny puddle-sized ponds attract the young ducklings. Different heights were made in response to the chicken’s behavior patterns: during the night they were seen to go up to higher levels.

After completing ‘Chicken’s House’ the firm realized that the space could be equally beneficial for young children. They believe that children growing up in today’s fast-paced world sometimes don’t have the same opportunities for freedom and adventure that generations before them may have had. With this in mind, the team decided to open up the space to the client’s grandchildren. Their hope is that the space will be used as a playground where the children can learn about plants, insects and animals and enjoy a relaxing break from city life.

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