From Medinas To Mauerpark, The Travel Photography Of Cait Oppermann

Cait Oppermann might be based in New York, but she spends a lot of time on the road, capturing scenes from around the world for clients and for herself.

From Kenya and Germany, to Morocco, Israel, and South Korea, she captures the world with dynamism and a pretty brazen flash. Known for her playful approach to shooting, her work is characterized by the strength of both colors and composition. Raised in Kansas, the New York local spent 2012 backpacking around Europe, Turkey, and Morocco. Oppermann and her girlfriend Yael Malka (whose photography we have also featured) created a book called Sea Blues which presented a curated selection of the photos that they took on these travels. The itch to see new things clearly endures for Oppermann, as the photos below of medinas at dusk and lazy sundowners at Mauerpark so keenly illustrate.

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