Gregory Beson Designs An Arresting Chair Made From Pink Himalayan Salt

The piece mimics the design of Louis Kahn’s Californian research facility and modernist architectural icon, the Salk Institute. Beson was motivated to make the chair as a way to comment on our global usage of resources, and the cost of such use. “Our world has been dramatically altered by human intervention,” he explains. “The world in which we live is made up of materials, naturally formed by the earth and derived by humans. While we can read these materials with our senses,” he says, “are we able to calculate the cost to the earth and environment?” In reference to the recent rise in globalization, Beson makes note that the world is more accessible now than it ever has been. “We take this for granted and we should not,” he asserts. By leveraging the power of this privilege, Beson’s design piece is an interesting undertaking that uses a material once not so easily securable that is now ubiquitous.

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