Guia Besana Shows Human Impact On Nature

Italian self-taught photographer Guia Besana lives and works in Paris and Barcelona. Guia’s work gives particular focus to women’s issues, female identity and women’s roles within society. In Besana’s latest picture series “Poison“ she reflects upon human behavior and its effects on natural resources which lead to a decrease of biodiversity. Her pictures tell stories about those topics using female bodies in various settings to express her message.

The photographer uses her pictures as a mouthpiece to draw attention to the problems that occur as an outcome of population growth and our way of consumption. Besana emphasizes the responsibility of humankind for negative consequences for the planet that are caused by ignorance and looking away.

In the past the artist has received numerous international awards in photography including Los Angeles LADCA, MIFA and Associated Press Awards and has shown her works in many exhibitions worldwide. You can purchase a selection of Guia’s work at nineteensixtyeight.

Nineteensixtyeight is a curated platform dedicated to the discussion and dissemination of contemporary photography, an innovative space that transcends the static confines of a magazine or gallery, offering unique depth and dynamism in the presentation of collectible works.

All images © Guia Besana

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