Guillermo Santomà’s Fantastic Interior

Featured in the most recent issue of Apartamento, ‘Casa Horta‘ is an unconventional house restored to become a dreamy space where color plays the main role.

A 1920s single-family house located in Barcelona, Spain, ‘Casa Horta’ is now occupied by Guillermo Santomà. The young designer used his skills and fantasy to transform the three floors building into a dreamy space with a bold combination of colors. Energetic shades of pink, greeen and blue are carried throughout the majestic interior, highlighting the specifics of the construction. The designer reveals in an interview that he only had “a team of five guys… [with] only very basic notions of construction.” However, the result is terrific – the space bursts with extraordinary energy, juxtaposing traditional Spanish tile with a mix of playful motifs, including the sky painted on the ceiling.

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