Hank Beyer Designs For A Dystopian Future

At the intersection of furniture design and technology sits the work of Cincinnati designer Hank Beyer. In his speculative fiction ‘Caravanserai,’ Beyer takes technology and reinvents it with his minimal, sculptural eye.

This ongoing project offers up a dystopian future — Beyer explains, “In Caravanserai there exist no true urban centers. As the world’s resources became depleted, sparse and difficult to continuously extract, humanity sought space and spread. Technology exists in an entirely new way.” In the world Beyer has imagined, the technological means for communication have been destroyed.“Portable, durable, and analog light communication devices are the common man’s means for tapping into a bygone era of mass communication and big data,” he explains. With pointed absurdity, this project illustrates modern reliance on technology for communication — pondering whether what we say through the systems we use, merit the systems themselves.

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