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Earth.Org is happy to have hosted the 2023 International Wildlife & Normal Earth Images Levels of competition, and extends heartfelt gratitude to all individuals. The event observed nearly 1,000 entries from photographers, conservationists, and nature enthusiasts worldwide, all pushed by a adore for the surroundings and a determination to showcasing our planet’s natural splendor.

Right here, we spotlight the winners and runners-up, every graphic delivering a putting perception into the human affect on the atmosphere and wildlife, as well as the admirable efforts of people today championing beneficial improve.

Winner: ‘Best Environmental Photo’ and ‘Wildlife in Peril’ Types (Amy Jones, United Kingdom)
Earth Org Photography Awards 01Earth Org Photography Awards 01
“A younger macaque monkey stares out from a modest, vacant cage at a zoo in Mae Rim, in Northern Thailand.

Often he struggles to contact the hand of the macaque in the cage up coming to him, desperate for a short moment of social interaction. In the wild, many monkeys live in intricate social groups and traverse massive distances each and every solitary working day. Macaques, for case in point, are living in social groups of involving 15 and 40 animals, and usually commit their time in the trees, covering lengthy distances although foraging.”

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Runner-Up: ‘Wildlife in Peril’ (Yam G-Jun, Kyrgyzstan)
Earth Org Photography Awards 02Earth Org Photography Awards 02
“It was a bitter cold winter season in Naryn, Kyrgyzstan in 2021. Yam G-Jun was on an assignment for Le Monde and stumbled on a pack of 12-15 lifeless wolves currently being displayed in the public square. Initially, he only noticed the lifeless ones whose bodies had been frozen good because of to the cold but then they brought out a wolf that was continue to alive, the only remaining a person in the pack, according to area eyewitnesses. “It was trying to survive as a great deal as it can, wiggling and forcing itself to get freed. I took the image to display that wrestle,” he explained.”

Winner: ‘Human Impacts on the Environment’ Classification (Rayhan Ahmed, Bangladesh)
Earth Org Photography Awards 03Earth Org Photography Awards 03
“The photograph depicts a woman searching for critical survival items, these as foods and clothes, in a huge garbage dump in Chittagong, Bangladesh. The landfill is in stark contrast with the vivid greenery found in the history. Landfills such as this are a enormous resource of air air pollution and have a devastating influence on ecosystems, biodiversity, and human overall health. Trash pickers normally spend full days amassing trash, together with paper, plastic and glass bottles, iron parts and carton which they then resell. The funds they earn is quickly reinvested in foodstuff and other goods for their relatives associates.”

Runner-Up: Human Impacts on the Environment‘ Class (Muhammad Mostafigur Rahman, Bangladesh)
Earth Org Photography Awards 04Earth Org Photography Awards 04
“This is the aerial check out of the Swarupkathi Timber Market place, the country’s largest wood current market positioned on the banks of Sandhya River in Swarupkathi Upazila, Pirojpur district in southern Bangladesh. Traders collected wooden from distinctive areas of the nation and brought it to this market to sell them.”

Runner-Up: ‘Human Impacts on the Environment‘ Classification (Kazushige Horiguchi, Japan)
Earth Org Photography Awards 05Earth Org Photography Awards 05
“The photograph was shot in the Aomi City, in the Japanese Yamaguchi Prefecture. It depicts an octopus trapped in a internet. Immediately after filming and capturing the scene, Horiguchi reported he minimize the net with a knife and saved the octopus from certain dying. “I want persons not only in Japan but also all about the earth to see this picture. Dumping garbage in the ocean is a nuisance to all residing factors but most individuals are unaware of what is really heading on underwater,” he mentioned.”

Winner: ‘Climate Action’ Category (Emilio Mancuso, Italy)
Earth Org Photography Awards 06Earth Org Photography Awards 06
“The photo was taken all through everyday checking functions in Nemo’s Yard. Mancuso, who was carrying his digital camera at the time, managed to seize a dynamic instant the place faculty of sardine use Nemo’s Back garden as sheltered are to rest. The photo, he said, shows the “collateral effect” of the underwater farm: It becomes dwelling and shelter for a big marine biodiversity.””

Runner-Up: ‘Climate Action‘ Group (José Luis Alcaide, Spain)
Earth Org Photography Awards 07Earth Org Photography Awards 07
“The photo was taken in one of the quite a few underwater cleanings that Alcaide and other persons organise by way of Proyecto Plumbum, a groundbreaking project to decontaminate the seabed from human trash, of which he is a coordinator. The expeditions get place in 1 of the ideal-preserved underwater landscapes in the Mediterranean, the Cabo de Palos Marine Fishing Reserve in Murcia, Spain.”

Runner-Up: ‘Climate Action‘ Classification (Adra Pallón, Spain)
Earth Org Photography Awards 08Earth Org Photography Awards 08
“The picture was shot in Galicia, Spain, a single of the areas most affected by forest fires in Europe, and it depicts the severe ailments in which hearth brigadiers work. It was taken with the intent to elevate awareness about the threats that forest fires represent for ecosystems and people.”

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