Heidi Annalise’s Miniature Landscape Paintings

The Colorado-based painter Heidi Annalise creates exceptional tiny landscape paintings that are tucked in a small mint tins. The impressionistic portrayals seize various sceneries across the United States, at the same time revealing the artist’s fascination with the nature.

Each tiny box features an oil painting on the lid, while inside is a color palette that Annalise used for the artwork. This “landscape in a box” materialises as an illusory extension of the reality that preserves the scenery, but also the creative process of this self-taught painter. “My paintings reflect the joy of being once again surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountains, a celebration of homecoming,” describes Heidi Annalise her paintings. “Floating between realism and impressionism, my artwork adds an element of fantasy to the natural world with heightened colors and simplified shapes.”

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