High Drama, Visual Spectacle, And Versatility Combine At Cava Arcari By David Chipperfield Architects

The result is a succession of horizontal planes and terraces embedded between the carved pillars and made of the same material as the quarry. Arranged on distinct levels and connected by steps and ramps to allow maximum flexibility of use, the platforms recall the stratified nature and the idea of subtraction and addition present in the internal structure of the petrous material. Together, they accommodate up to 300 people, creating large and flexible stages ideal for concerts, conferences, theater performances, and more. Filled with water that spreads deep into the ancient cave, the surrounding spaces create a thrilling visual show, rendered ever more dramatic by the cave’s unique sound landscape. Adding to the sculptural power of the site are also artificial lighting systems and the soft sunlight entering the enclave throughout the day, illuminating its central space and creating a visual spectacle of mesmerizing reflections in the pools of water that lie behind the platforms.

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