Highlights of The Royal Society of Biology’s Photography Competition 2021, from Ants Feasting on Honeydew to Zebras Drinking in The Savannah

Winner: Mutualism. Thane, India

The mutualistic marriage involving ant and aphid. The ants eat honeydew excreted by a yellow aphid, and in return the ants defend the aphid from other organisms these kinds of as pink mites. (Vishwanath Birje/Royal Modern society of Biology)

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Runner-up: Fractals. Uk

The designs in this graphic are of Bacillus subtilis becoming developed on a dextrose agar plate. The designs variety based on the problems of the bacteria’s setting and how bacterial cells transfer following coming into call with every single other. (Alice Feng/Royal Culture of Biology)

Shortlisted: The hunt. West Bengal, India

The conversation between the jewel wasp and cockroach is something but welcoming. The jewel wasp injects venom into the cockroach’s brain, paralysing the latter. The wasp then lays an egg in the zombified cockroach. (Ripan Biswas/Royal Modern society of Biology)

Shortlisted: Chunk for survival. Bangkok, Thailand

The tokay gecko bites again in spite of remaining held in the coils of the golden tree snake. (Wei Fu/Royal Society of Biology)

Very commended: Watering gap antics. Kenya

A pair of Grevy’s zebra consume from a watering gap. (Hayden Wooden/Royal Culture of Biology)

Winner: Submerged. Somerset, Uk

A tyre getting reclaimed by character in the Vallis Forest, Somerset, showing the relationship among men and women and the all-natural planet. (Roan Jones/Royal Culture of Biology)

Shortlisted: Solar electric power plant. Zhejiang province, China

A significant team of evening herons perch on photo voltaic ability panels at dusk. (Gu Guanghui/Royal Modern society of Biology)

Shortlisted: Spiderman of our overall body. Missouri, Usa

Immune cells connect with every other to defend our physique from invading foreign particles or micro-organisms. Listed here, neutrophil cells (light blue) release website-like buildings (yellow) to protect from tuberculosis microbes (pink). (Chanchal Sur Chowdhury/Royal Modern society of Biology)

Shortlisted: A very small collecting. Pampanga, Philippines

A compact group of thief ants are collected to delight in a couple of drops of syrup on major of a wax apple leaf. (John Ishide Bulanadi/Royal Society of Biology)

Shortlisted: The plague. Borana, Kenya

In 2019, Kenya and most of east Africa saw its worst locust outbreak in 70 a long time. Varying weather conditions because of to local climate adjust and travel and transport restrictions have meant the outbreaks are obtaining bigger and tougher to control. (Henry Harte/Royal Culture of Biology)

Shortlisted: Family members quarrel. Córdoba, Spain

Bee-eaters are easily noticed birds for the reason that of their colors. They shell out most of their time flying in lookup of bugs. (Alfonso Roldán Losada/Royal Modern society of Biology)

Runner-up: Hon Yen marine ecosystem. Phu Yen, Vietnam

Each 12 months between May possibly and August, the coral of this wealthy and assorted ecosystem gets to be exposed at reduced tide. (Truong Hoai Vu/Royal Modern society of Biology)

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