Home Is An Island Off The Coast Of Chile

In the archipelago of the coast Chile, overlooking the inner sea of the Chiloe island, stands ‘Rode House’: a half-moon home designed by Pezo von Ellrichshausen.

This home is defined by both shape and setting: its cylindrical structure designed to optimize views whilst simultaneously granting protection from ocean winds, and its material composition an ode to traditional woodworking techniques of the region. The angled roof of the ‘Rode House’ allows for double-story light to flood the airy central living space. Inside, the sloped ceiling and walls are clad in light-wood boards, whilst externally, the roof is covered with a traditional thin wooden shingle. The architects explain: “Knowing that the island is not only well known for the exuberant myths and  legends but for a refined artisanal carpentry knowledge expressed both in churches and boats, accepting that something of that local knowledge would inform our project, we preferred to have in mind that delicate artlessness of a totally forgotten wooden padlock.”

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