Hotel San Luis · Meran

The North Italian town of Meran is famed for its spa resorts and mountainous landscape. Just a few kilometers away, in an unspoilt reserve of alpine park on the Avelengo Plateau, Hotel San Luis waits to be discovered for the ultimate luxury retreat.

The private hotel was created by Alex and Claudia Meister, the fourth generation of the Hotel Irma family, passionate about hosting a warm welcome. The San Luis embraces its natural surroundings, with structures designed to facilitate primordial encounters with nature, built with precious Mondholz (moon wood). Following tradition, this ancient timber is treated in observance of lunar cycles, maintaining its resilience and energy. Guests can reside in a chalet nestled in the forest or facing onto a 5800 square meter lake, with the option to channel their own energy or relaxation: the Clubhouse lobby area offers areas dedicated to fitness and wellbeing, as well as spa treatments and a small in-house cinema. In this central hub, guests can indulge in the restaurant’s local Mediterranean cuisine, which cultivates vegetables, berries and rare spices from the hotel’s four hectare surroundings. The Clubhouse also offers a swimming pool, reaching from the hotel interior to the lake. If that doesn’t quite suit, guests can unwind with a hiking trail that begins on their doorstep, or by simply enjoying the scenic views through large panoramic windows that bring the outside in.

San Luis
5 Via Verano
39010 Avelengo

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