House 33.2 By Grafika

Designed by Grafika, the project named ‘House 33.2’ is located in a typical suburban setting 20km South-West of Sydney’s central business district. The client commissioned the architect’s office to develop an additional house toward the back of an existing residential dwelling.

By incorporating a courtyard to the front of the new building, accessible by a large glazing area to the northern side of the residence, the sun is able to flood the main living area. The use of the colour black added another layer, representing program and function of the residence. The façade’s movement begins with a deep extrusion that acts as the main entrance and opening to the courtyard. An exciting motion is created by the push/pull function of the façade against a monotonous block. The concept of the project was to create a minimal exterior that has been cut open showing the textured and warm feel of wood that generate a stark contrast of the black elements. Using steel as the exterior skin also provides a contemporary feel to the project and adds a high level of reflection from the sun.

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