House in Utsunomiya By Suppose Design Office

Located in Tochigi Prefecture, Japan, the house in Utsunomiya is completely surrounded by a metal roof, sheltering terraces and a garden so the residents can use these spaces throughout the year. Japanese studio Suppose Design Office developed an exterior covered in strips of white-painted Galvalume, a coated steel sheeting, lined in Japanese cedar wood.

The roof features a series of cutaways that allow natural light to enter both the rooms and the terraces. A narrow gravelled terrace runs along one side of the house and adjoins a wood-lined living space at ground level. On the first floor a balcony is located, while a terrace is set into the tip of the roof. These partially covered spaces connect the interior and exterior portions of the house. Two bedrooms, a bathroom and storage room are arranged around the balcony and an atrium on the first floor. The master bedroom is arranged above the open-plan living space, while the second room is positioned next to the balcony. A staircase leads up to the final terrace, which is positioned in the apex of the roof.

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