House in Yamasaki By Tato Architects

Tato Architects was founded by Yo Shimada following his graduation from Kyoto City University of Arts. As one of his many Japan-based projects, this house in Yamasaki was built to provide a home for a couple and their two children.

When designing the property, Yo Shimada was committed to finding an appropriate solution for family life in the mountainous region, which is characterised by predominantly overcast weather. The architect explains, “I wanted to create a light, stable indoor climate and came up with a plan of three sheds arranged on a 1.8 m high, grey foundation platform.” The structure incorporates white corrugated polycarbonate panels that resonate with the surrounding agricultural area, described by Tato Architects to mimic a ‘work shed’. Despite this exterior appearance, the interior space presents multiple volumes offering the family an open plan living and dining area, bedrooms including a guest room, a large bathroom, a sunroom and an area for storage. In addition, the rooftop structure has been built with the intention to provide the family with a raised garden area.

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