Human, Technology And Nature Merge In Tobias Faisst’s EIDOS

EIDOS is a transmedia project based on the complex work of Berlin-based photographer Tobias Faisst. With EIDOS, he captures the tangled relationships between humans, technology, and nature, while continuing to challenge and blur the lines between them.

Within the contemporary climate, image production has developed to an artificial process of manipulation and post-production. Sophie König, in her introduction to EIDOS, explains that “As a result, the glossy and highly processed images often make their object unrecognizable as it loses its familiar context.” Through a lens of hyper-perfection, operating at the interface between photography and computer-generated image, Faisst’s photographs ultimately call into question the production and perception of reality.

EIDOS is published by Transform and is available for purchase here.

EIDOS is published by Zurich-based publishing house Transform, and based on its mission statement to overcome the limitations of conventional media manifests itself in two different forms: First, as an artist book, and second, as a digital space that overcomes the given limitations and linearity of a book as an analog media. On (developed together with Berlin-based design studio New Now) the pictures are made accessible in a way that is inherently anchored in the virtual realm and that adds a three-dimensional layer to Faisst’s work. By choosing to present EIDOS as both a book and a digital experience, the work’s main topic is mirrored in its outlets.

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